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LARM Board Chair on the Lean on LARM Safety Grant

LARM Board Chair on the Lean on LARM Safety Grant

It’s warmed up this week. I don’t much care to be out and about in Nebraska when it’s -20 degrees. Like most cities and villages across the state, there weren’t many people stopping in at the St. Paul City offices the beginning of last week. It’s getting busier again now that it’s warmed up a bit.

You may have already seen the news on the LARM website or Facebook that LARM Board members voted to give out $500 Lean on LARM Safety Grants to members starting this month.
It’s a great program with a number of worthy goals.

First of all, the $500 will go far to increase the safety in our members’ communities. Maybe you need help paying for an item that would make your playground safer. A Lean on LARM Safety Grant is just the ticket for preventing injuries and possibly saving lives across Nebraska.

Another goal is to help cities and villages who would like safety items like extra traffic cones or a defibrillator and hadn’t found a place for them in their budgets. The aim is to help them pay for part or all of an item like this they could use to make their community safer.

Of course, as LARM board members, we’re insurance conscious and we know that any item you have that adds to the safety of your citizens and workers will decrease the chance of liability, property and casualty claims. They may even prevent workers’ comp claims. That’s always a good goal for an insurance pool.

Some clerks have already told us that they’re going to submit applications for more reflective vests and other items that had been on the back burner for a while. It’s a good time to get those items purchased.

LARM staff have made the process fairly simple. Just go to the website at and click on the Lean on LARM Safety Grant link. Give your contact information and give the dollar amount requested and a short description of the item and you’re set.

If you have questions about the grant, you can contact Dave Bos or Fred Wiebelhaus and they’ll help you out.
I’m thinking this is going to be a popular program with our members and I’m anxious to see how many participate and what items they purchase.

Have a great January and be safe!

Gerald Solko

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