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Black Hills Energy announcement to communities

Black Hills Energy announcement to communities

Black Hills Energy officials ask that we pass this message along:

Black Hills Energy employees are ready to respond to possible flooding by monitoring the situation in flood prone areas of the natural gas service area in Nebraska. Black Hills Energy is prepared to temporarily shut off natural gas service if necessary to ensure the safety of our customers and communities. Customers are encouraged to be ready for flooding with the following safety reminders.    

“Flooding presents the risk of natural gas leaks when equipment or appliances are submerged and pilot lights go out,” said Kevin Jarosz, Black Hills Energy’s Nebraska natural gas operations director. “Safety is always our first concern, and we will turn off the natural gas at locations in a flood’s path to protect our customers. If you have concerns with water coming in your basement or are evacuating, please call 1-800-694-8989 to have your gas service shut off.”

Floodwaters carry silt and other contaminants that could damage air conditioners, natural gas meters and appliances, including water heaters and furnaces. The company requests that impacted customers call Black Hills Energy when returning to a home or business once floodwaters recede to have gas service restored.  The utility also recommends calling an appliance repair professional to inspect natural gas appliances. Black Hills Energy will inspect the metering equipment prior to restoring gas service.

If you smell natural gas, get everyone out of the building or area immediately. Don’t touch any electrical switches or raise any windows on the way out. Doing so can create a spark of static electricity that could ignite a gas leak.

Don’t use a phone within the immediate location – use a neighbor’s phone or a cell phone safely away from the building or area to call 911 or Black Hills Energy’s emergency number. Black Hills Energy’s 24-hour emergency number is 800-694-8989.

About Black Hills Energy

Black Hills Corp. (NYSE: BKH) is a customer focused, growth-oriented utility company with a tradition of improving life with energy and a vision to be the energy partner of choice. Based in Rapid City, South Dakota, the company serves 1.27 million natural gas and electric utility customers in eight states: Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming. More information is available at and


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