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LARM Member News

Congratulations to the Village of Halsey on their Lean on LARM Safety Grant Award!

The Village of Halsey has been awarded a Lean on LARM Safety Grant. Dianna Rodocker, Village Clerk/Treasurer, applied for the grant to help fund the purchase of a propane heater for the village's maintenance shop. LARM began the Lean on LARM Safety Grant program in 2017 to assist LARM members in purchasing safety items. Over 150 grants have since been presented to communities across Nebraska. LARM is an insurance pool made up of over 170 governmental agencies across Nebraska. For more information go to

Village of Halsey Board members pictured are: Back row, Cole Seeley, Loren Eaton, and Chairman Kris Ganoung; Front row, Wilma Heinowski and Linda Cowdin.