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The City of Atkinson uses Lean on LARM Safety Grant for security cameras

The City of Atkinson has been awarded a $500 Lean on LARM Safety Grant. Nancy Kopejtka, Atkinson City Clerk, applied for the grant to help fund the purchase of security cameras for the City Pool.

“With the new cameras, we can monitor the activity at the pool during the hours that it’s closed. It’s a safety issue for us and, we’re appreciative of LARM for supplying us with this equipment,” Kopejtka said.

The League Association of Risk Management (LARM) is a risk management pool with over 170 governmental agencies across Nebraska. LARM began the Lean on LARM Safety Grant program in 2017 to assist LARM members in purchasing items that would promote safety in their communities. Over 150 grants have since been given to communities across Nebraska. 

Pictured is Nancy Kopejtka, Atkinson City Clerk, with the screens the City uses in monitoring the pool after hours.