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LARM Member News

Be wary of emails

Many people are receiving emails that look as if they were sent by LARM staff, LARM agents, and even other LARM members. Please look over every email carefully to make sure it's authentic.

Check to see if the email in the "From" line is actually from an address that you know is accurate and familiar. Hover your mouse over the email address, and if what shows is different than what is on the email, you know it's from a hacker, and you can immediately delete it. A warning, though, some emails may look like they are from a well-known entity, but a hacker might have breached the entity's email server to send out emails.

Never click on a link or attachment in an email when you are unsure of the sender. An email that includes an attachment should cause you to stop and scrutinize its content and sender. Call the person listed on the email to make sure they sent it.

You may want to call the business's phone number listed with the email to see if the email did originate with that business.

A good giveaway that an email is not legitimate is if anything is misspelled, has improper capitalization, or is grammatically incorrect. 

Check if there's a different link in the signature at the end of the email when you hover over it than what was shown. If in doubt about the sender, never click on a link in the email.

Hackers will depend on people not taking the time to look over their emails carefully. It's worth the time and effort to check out suspicious emails rather than spend hours and thousands of dollars recovering from a data breach.