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Hail in Nebraska - Are you adequately covered?

Nebraska ranks second nationally in the number of annual hail events. The largest hailstone in the United States ever recorded fell near Aurora, Nebraska, on June 22, 2003, with a diameter of seven inches and a circumference of 18.75 inches. It doesn’t take large hail to cause severe damage as even small hail can cause damage to buildings, vehicles, and signage. Repair and replacement costs due to hail damage can easily reach millions of dollars in a city that owns many vehicles and has damage exposure from numerous windows and outdoor property. So how can you help to prevent damage from hail?


The first step is to be prepared. During storm season, monitor the weather daily. If a storm is predicted, find shelter for your vehicles. Before storm season is a good time to plan where vehicles could be parked if there is a risk of hail. There may be unused shed space where vehicles could be placed in a pinch. If there isn’t enough indoor space to park the vehicles, think about other available covered parking. Overhangs, canopies, or other protective areas might be available in an upcoming storm. Ask area property owners in advance if the space could be occupied by city vehicles in a storm. Parking along a building on the opposite side of an approaching storm can also minimize hail damage.


Consider other hail protective measures for property, including the installation of cage-like structures over outdoor HVAC equipment. If possible, use building materials that are less impacted by hail. There are also hail canopies available that can be installed either permanently or temporarily over vehicles. Hail-resistant vehicle covers can be purchased for under $100.


Remember that no one should risk injury or death by being outside in a storm to protect any property.  Make preparations far in advance so that people and property are safe when the storm hits.


Proper hail coverage is a must. Know what your deductible is and that you have the proper insurance coverage if you do have damage from hail or any other storm. For more information about municipal insurance coverage, contact us at or call 402-742-2600.