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LARM Loss Control and Risk Management

The services provided by LARM are determined by its members. LARM’s service package has been developed with a focus on educating members in the practice of risk management and loss control. Members receive services to help them prevent losses and to reduce the cost of claims that do occur. The goal is to reduce the liabilities for the losses of the members, resulting in reduced rates or return of equity to its members in the form of dividends.

Risk Management Services:

Annual coverage review to explain coverage and review schedules
Building appraisals (buildings over $50,000)
Contract reviews – suggest risk transfer techniques
On-site risk management training for department heads
Annual member reports
Risk management resource for day-to-day issues presented by members

Loss Control Services:

Property surveys – comprehensive safety inspections to identify property, liability, and workers’ compensation loss exposure
Help in developing safety committee/loss prevention programs
Sample loss prevention manual and help development/implementation
Training on how to do self-inspections
Safety and health training and educational support
Training & Seminars – Training and on-site seminars for any area of interest as well as regional seminars held throughout the state; Risk management resource for day-to-day issues presented by members
Perform loss analysis to determine trends
General Consultation – Advice, analyses, and assistance with any loss control or safety issues
Videos & Publications
Fred Wiebelhaus and James Kelley are the Loss Control experts for LARM. They set up training, provide monthly safety newsletters and tips, and are available to answer your questions about risk management.


Contact  Fred at or James at with your loss control questions.

  • Fred Wiebelhaus
    Fred Wiebelhaus
  • James Kelley
    James Kelley