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LARM's own Paige Buffington has extreme Halloween displays

LARM's own Paige Buffington has extreme Halloween displays

LARM’s own Workers’ Comp Claims Specialist, Paige Buffington, hosts incredible Halloween displays at her home in Lincoln each year. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill Halloween display – it’s all handmade by Buffington and her fiance, Todd Kalberg.

Todd is an art director and mechanical wizard who uses windshield wiper motors to make a skeleton look like it’s digging a grave and other animated creations including a dead yeti slamming his cage door and dangling a trick-or-treater who got too close to his life size cage.

Paige said the house is known for its annual scary and imaginative Halloween displays and the couple’s hours and hours of work is worth it all when more than 200 kids come trick or treating on Halloween night.

"We're making memories for all the neighborhood kids. I look at it like some of these kids will probably tell their kids about the creepy people that went all out for Halloween," Buffington said.

Search Grave Grabbers on YouTube or go to their Facebook page at to see past displays and a peek at how they put their masterpieces together.

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