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City of Wahoo purchases vest with LARM Armor funds

The City of Wahoo recently received a bulletproof vest as part of a League Association Risk Management (LARM) program that provides $700 in funds towards an approved vest for members who qualify for the grant.

Twelve LARM member police departments across Nebraska have applied and will be receiving bulletproof vests as part of the LARM Armor program.

“Law enforcement officers may encounter dangerous individuals in the line of duty so it's of vital importance that they take safety precautions such as wearing a bulletproof vest,” said Wahoo Police Chief Bruce Ferrell. A requirement of being awarded funds for this program is that LARM member police department have in place a mandatory wear policy for their patrol officers. The City of Wahoo has a policy requiring police officers to wear a bulletproof vest while on duty.

The City of Wahoo currently has six full-time and two part-time sworn staff members.

"We understand that many communities do not have the resources to pay for a bulletproof vest for each of their officers. This is our way to help keep the officers safe by providing them with financial assistance for a vest," said Dave Bos, LARM Loss Control Manager.

“We appreciate the partnership we have with LARM in helping us identify, evaluate, and mitigate the risks we encounter as we provide services to our community. This program is just one of the many ways they support us,” said Melissa Harrell, City of Wahoo Administrator/Treasurer.

LARM provides risk management coverages and services for over 170 governmental entities across Nebraska. For more information go to

Pictured from left:  City of Wahoo Police Chief Bruce Ferrell and Melissa Harrell, City of Wahoo Administrator/Treasurer