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LARM Knows Nebraska

We at the League Association of Risk Management (LARM) like to tout that we are the only municipal risk management provider that really “knows Nebraska,” and rightly so. Since LARM’s inception as a risk management pool in 1995, we have specialized in knowing the coverage needs of Nebraska governmental entities because that’s who makes up the pool. At last count, 210 Nebraska cities, villages, and other entities rely on LARM for their workers’ compensation and property and liability insurance.

How does “knowing Nebraska” benefit LARM members?

LARM knows the risks inherent to governmental entities of Nebraska and tailors its coverage accordingly. We know that wind and hail damage is common in the state, so we keep the deductibles for those claims manageable. Hopefully, your town won’t be hammered by golf ball-sized hail, but if it is, LARM uses highly qualified adjusters who can quickly assess the damage and work directly with you throughout the claims process.

LARM knows property values and updates them to adequately value your buildings and equipment. In many instances, we’ll sign on a new member, go into their town to do a valuation, and find that some of their property has not been accurately valued and, in some cases, hasn’t been insured at all. From water towers to city welcome signs, LARM knows the value and ensures they are adequately covered.

LARM knows Nebraska laws and regulations and provides training and coverage advice accordingly. For instance, we know when Nebraska police training requirements change and offer online resources to help member police officers fulfill those requirements.

LARM knows the current issues facing Nebraska cities and villages. That’s because the LARM Board of Directors is comprised of 15 LARM members who are elected or appointed officials who work in cities, villages, and other governmental entities all across Nebraska. During the pandemic, the board approved financial aid for volunteer first responders who missed work when they contracted or were exposed to COVID on a call. The LARM staff all live and work in Nebraska and know the challenges of living in a state where you have to worry about frozen pipes at one time of the year and heat exhaustion at another.

LARM knows its members and prioritizes providing excellent customer service and customized loss control training to them whether they have 250 employees or one employee. If you need an answer to a question, you can call or email our main offices in Lincoln and get a response within the day. Our loss control specialists routinely travel across the state to check in on members and ensure they have the proper equipment and practices to stay safe. If you need coverage for a special event, you know who to call to get it.

LARM knows Nebraska because that’s our customer base.  If you would like more information about LARM go to or email