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LARM Member News

City of Louisville receives $500

The City of Louisville was recently the recipient of a $500 Lean on LARM Safety Grant to purchase safety apparel for city staff.

Dee Arias, City of Louisville Clerk/Treasurer, applied for the grant saying, "The city wanted to purchase hard hats for the city crew for when they are working with things overhead, or up in the man lift, or in trenches." Safety overcoats with class 3 visibility for the winter months were also purchased.

The League Association of Risk Management (LARM) provides the Lean on LARM Safety Grant to LARM members to purchase items that contribute to the safety of their communities.

Pictured from the left standing are Preston Derby, Public Works; Josh Magee, Public Works; Tyler Grove, Public Works; Joel Jones, Public Works Director; and kneeling is Deantwon Harrell, Public Works.