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LARM Member News

LARM Online Training

Online training is a very useful resource for any municipality and is available for our members at Note: You must provide your username and password to log into the Training/Member Resources menu on the LARM website, Additional logins or profile accounts may be required to access specific training videos.  If you need any help logging into contact or

LARM’s Training Library

LocalGovU/Lexipol Training

Hundreds of courses are available that cover topics from defensive tactics to EVOC for Fire/EMS and much more. These courses can cover many of the required training hours required for Nebraska peace officers. Contact LARM’s Loss Control Manager, Fred Wiebelhaus at to set up profile account to access the LocalGovU/Lexipol training videos.

Workers’ Compensation Training

Most of these presentations are approximately 1 hour in length. These videos do change periodically.

Midwest Employers Casualty Training

Online training is available on a wide array of topics, including back injury prevention, bloodborne pathogens, and workplace harassment. Safety videos focus on more specific jobs, such as snowplow operation, shop safety, and solid waste safety, so make sure to use the search function. Most of the videos are available in English and Spanish and are less than 15 minutes long. Many include printable exams if employers want to document each employee's learning.

To access Midwest Employers Casualty videos:

Contact or for login information.

 LARM Risk Management Newsletters

LARM provides a monthly Risk Management newsletter that addresses various loss exposure topics relevant to the time of year or safety trends identified by LARM’s loss control team. These newsletters can be utilized as discussion topics for any safety meeting. Contact to subscribe to the newsletters. They are emailed monthly to members and are also available on the LARM website.