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LARM Member News

LARM "Virtual" Annual Members' Meeting

 Thanks to the municipal officials who agreed to be available on Oct. 22 at 9:30 a.m. CT to welcome officials from other LARM members at the addresses identified below to participate and vote on nominees to the LARM Board of Directors during LARM’s “Virtual” Annual Members’ Meeting to be held by Videoconference/Zoom. Please plan now to participate in LARM’s "Virtual" Annual Members' Meeting, which should last only about 30 minutes. Please click here for the meeting notice, agenda and other materials for the Oct. 22 meeting.

  Any elected or appointed official of a LARM member is eligible to vote at one of the meeting sites designated below; each LARM member is entitled to one vote.

  Pursuant to LARM’s Bylaws (Article I, Section 2.1) and Interlocal Agreement (, LARM’s Nominating Committee is comprised of LARM’s Chair (Hickman Mayor Doug Hanson), the LARM Administrator (Lynn Rex) and “an elected or appointed official from a participating member municipality selected by the LARM Board.” On Oct. 6, the LARM Board unanimously voted to select Lanette Doane, Clerk/Treasurer of Ansley and LARM’s Vice Chair, to the Nominating Committee.

  The Nominating Committee met by telephone conference call on Oct. 8 at 2 p.m. Following discussion, Lanette Doane made a motion to nominate the following officials (candidates) to another three-year term of office on the LARM Board of Directors to the participating members for election at LARM’s Annual “Virtual” Members’ Meeting on Oct. 22 at 9:30 am CT: Doug Hanson, Mayor of the City of Hickman; Lanette Doane, Clerk/Treasurer of the Village of Ansley; Don Groesser, Mayor of the City of Ralston; Melissa Harrell, Administrator/Treasurer of the City of Wahoo; and Jo Leyland, Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer of the City of Imperial. Doug Hanson seconded the motion, which passed unanimously on a roll call vote. (On Oct. 6, the LARM Board of Directors accepted the recommendation made by LARM’s Administrator for Mayor Groesser to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Jim Hawks, Former North Platte City Administrator, whose term of office expires on Dec. 31, 2020.)

  As required in Article III, Section 5 of LARM’s Bylaws, after LARM’s “Virtual” Annual Members’ Meeting, any official (representative) of a participating member of LARM who voted at LARM’s “Virtual” Annual Members’ Meeting shall have an agenda item at an upcoming meeting of their respective governing body (City Council/Village Board/SID Board, etc.) “on whether to ratify actions (votes) taken by its representative at the Members’ Meeting, including the election of the LARM Board of Directors. Failure to ratify does not affect the validity of the action.” A copy of the minutes ratifying actions (votes) taken by representatives of LARM members at the “Virtual” Annual Members’ Meeting should be emailed to or faxed to 402-476-4089.

  Meeting sites to participate in LARM’s “Virtual” Annual Members’ Meeting by Videoconference/Zoom:

City of Ainsworth, 606 East 4th Street, Lisa Schroedl

City of Beaver City, 301 10th Street, Teresa Youngquist

City of Chadron, 234 Main Street, Bev Bartlett

City of Crete, 243 East 13th Street, Jerry Wilcox

City of Curtis, 201 Garlick Avenue, Doug Schultz

City of Gering, 1025 P Street, Kathy Welfl

City of Gibbon, 715 Front Street, Pam Rasmussen

City of Hickman, 115 Locust, Kelly Oelke

City of Imperial, 740 Court Street, Jo Leyland

City of Nelson, 580 South Main Street, Sandra Schendt

City of Norfolk, 309 N. 5th Street, Stacey Hansen

City of North Platte, 211 West 3rd Street, Renee White

City of Oshkosh, 305 West 1st Street, LeAnn Brown

City of Ralston, 5500 South 77th Street, Rosie Russell

City of Syracuse, Syracuse Public Library, 480 5th Street, Jessica Meyer

City of Wahoo, Wahoo Public Library, 637 N. Maple Street, Lucinda Morrow

Dave Bos, LARM Executive Director

L. Lynn Rex, LARM Administrator; Ex-Officio, Non-Voting, LARM Board Member